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Bunny Hill, breeding quality Netherland Dwarfs

Our Policies

We'll explain our current business and ordering policies on this page.

At this time there is no shipping on any rabbits. There is no guarantee how a rabbit will place in a show.I will hold a rabbit for one week without a deposit.After 7 days i require a %50 non refundable deposit.Rabbits not picked up in 14 days will go back on the sale page,unless we have another agreement.Discounts will be given to Multiple purchases.4H and youth breeders will recieve a $5 discount. 4H ers purchasing a doe from me may recieve a free breeding to the buck of their choice.prices are subject to change due to the developement of a rabbit.all  pet bunnies are sold with a small bag of food and directions on care.(no pedigrees on pet bunnies.)I reserve the right too cancel a sale at any time.


Guarantee on all show quality rabbits day of sale for disqualifications. 7 days on all rabbits for health reasons.Show quality have no disqualifications and i feel they can place in a show.brood quality have minor issues, does that are over size but make great breeders,pet quality have Dqs or too long of ears or oversize or wrong color.If for some reason you can no longer keep your rabbit i will take it back till i find another home for him.i cannot buy back rabbits.Buyers are responsible too return rabbits.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:davidsonr1955@hotmail.com


Bunny Hill 
 Located in Washington, PA.  BOB is best of breed,BOG is best of group,BOV is best of variety,BOSV best opposite sex of variety.This is not a complete list of my herd.