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Bunny Hill, breeding quality Netherland Dwarfs

fawn junior buck
Blue Bunny

Black senior buck
Blue Bunny

broken orange junior buck

himi senior buck

black otter junior buck

I can meet people somewere too pickup rabbits if purchasing two or more.

broken juniors
Blue Bunny
pictures soon

junior doe
$20 sold

junior Holland lop doe
$30 carries BEW sold

Netherland dwarf junior buck
tort otter $20 Pet only sold to Erin

Holland lop sr buck vienna marked
Blue Bunny

Nice junior buck
$30 sold

black otter junior buck
$35 sold

The one on the right is for sale $20 sold
will be ready too go after Easter.

We have babies on the way.

Chestnut agouti Senior buck ,Sold

orange broken junior buck
$40 Sold to Carly

I am located in Washington county in southwestern PA.All bunnies have pedigrees.pedigrees are not included with pet quality bunnies.I give $5 4H discounts and multiple sale discounts(3 or more rabbits).email, davidsonr1955@hotmail.com.Iwill send pictures if requested.Check rabbits over for Disqualifications on day of sale.All 4H members will recieve a free breeding when they purchase a doe.I breed for type and temperment.Please note most of these rabbits are not in show poses.All sale rabbits are not pictured..Please read my policies on the last page.some sale rabbits are being shown untill sold.prices will change too reflect any wins..I will gladly take back any rabbits purchased from me if you can no longer care for them.I will try too find them a home.
Yes,sometimes we trade.

Bunny Hill 
 Located in Washington, PA.  BOB is best of breed,BOG is best of group,BOV is best of variety,BOSV best opposite sex of variety.This is not a complete list of my herd.