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Bunny Hill, breeding quality Netherland Dwarfs


Welcome to our web site,Raising Netherland dwarfs.

I have been raising rabbits for Over 25 years.  I show our rabbits in PA and Ohio. I was a 4H leader when my daughter was younger. I raise Netherland Dwarfs in these colors Himi, Black,Blue,chocolate, Siamese Sable,black and blue. Otters in black,blue and chocolate,Chestnut, Orange, and Broken. Websites to visit. http://www.barbibrownsbunnies.comhttp://www.islandgems.net/index.php
www.denjak.bravehost.com ,Thank you enjoy the site.Located in southwestern Pa
My son has recently joined the show team.
Susan Davidson
Note, some rabbits are not in show poses

Netherland Dwarf we bred

blue otter buck
Welcome,excuse the mess we are currently updating our website

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Bunny Hill 
 Located in Washington, PA.  BOB is best of breed,BOG is best of group,BOV is best of variety,BOSV best opposite sex of variety.This is not a complete list of my herd.